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          We are specialized in the production of super glue and adhesive plastic packaging manufacturers for more than 15 years in TAIZHOU ZHEJIANG CHINA. Our products include: Glue Bottle、Drum Of Glue、Aluminum Tube、Blister And Paper Card Packing etc. The company has professional mould production center, with Fast, Precision, Unique New product research and development capabilities. Sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, strict management, it is the company to provide customers with the perfect product of the basic guarantee.
          Company with "Professional Focus", "Rapid Response" and "Excellent Quality" for the concepts. Practitioners fifteen years, has been committed to providing customers with the most suitable products, committed to creating the most satisfactory services. we have been focused on product development, design, production, pay attention to every detail to create a perfect, the pursuit of superior quality, strive for excellence. The perfect blend of professional and focused only makes our products competitive, not only very popular in China, but also exported to Europe, North America, West Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.
          • Ten years of Taizhou plastic industry fast power plastic intersection
            September 3rd to 5, the Tenth China Plastics Fair will be held in Luqiao as scheduled. So far, the plastic intersection into the tenth year.
            With the Ministry of Commerce for many years by the Ministry of Commerce has been included in the plastic industry, the only focus of the exhibition, plastic trade fair has no doubt in the domestic exhibition industry has laid its own status.
            An exhibition pulling a party industry. "Plastic trade fair held, Taizhou Plastic industry create an important development of the core, effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of Taizhou Plastic Industry and fast." Chairman, Taizhou Plastic Industry Association Sanyou Group Chairman Zhang Xiaonan said.
            Fusion effect boost industry started brand
            A set of data, showing the plastic trade fair and Taizhou plastics industry, how much pride --
            Open the Baidu search: enter the plastic intersection three words, there will be more than 38 of the search results; enter the Taizhou plastic, there are about 12000000 search results.
            A little attention, it is not difficult to find between shadow close relationship, "Taizhou Plastic" loud brand is all in do not say.
            China Commodity City chairman, served as Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. the first general manager Han Kehua is plastic intersection of 10 years to develop one of the witnesses: "Taizhou has nearly 50 years of development of the plastic industry history, in order to change the industry low, small, scattered situation, improve the industrial level and at the beginning of this century began to hold plastic intersection."
            In the city of Taizhou International Exhibition Center Limited information room, the plastic rendezvous held the scene visible before the eyes. From 2001 began to hold the first session of the plastic intersection since annually session of the plastic intersection comprehensive display of the plastics, machinery, raw materials, mold and other related technology and covers the entire plastics industry chain, "up to now, show the scale than the first expanded 110%." Zhang Xiaonan said.
            Starting in 2005, the Ministry of Commerce for 6 consecutive years will be listed as the plastic trade fair only focus on supporting the exhibition, which has become the only Chinese prefecture level city in the exhibition. Chen Jiazeng, director of the office of the plastic industry association of Taizhou City, said: "the plastic trade fair has attracted the attention of the domestic and international Taizhou, Taizhou plastic industry, and ultimately won the" plastic kingdom "in the world."
            In fact, in the plastic trade fair held at the same time, Taizhou plastics industry has been rapid development. According to reports, at present, the citys total of more than 1 plastic production enterprises, Taizhou has become the source of Chinas plastic products and distribution center, in particular, plastic daily necessities, has accounted for 60% of the Chinese market share.
            Engine effect to boost industrial transformation and upgrading
            Extruded seasoning bottle, push and turn type vegetable dehydration device...... This is the ninth plastic intersection of the creative products. Because of its design caused a "create new styles, brainstorming Taizhou plastic industry".
            When speaking to participate in the plastic intersection of harvest and feelings, many enterprises in Taizhou have such a consensus: "exhibitors the purpose is to better promote their own brand, at the same time also can understand to the latest technology in industry." In last years plastic rendezvous, Zhejiang Juner New Material Co., Ltd. technical director Lu Jun, had in the theme of the report said: "plastic trade fair this platform, can better agitation of Taizhou Plastic industry innovation thinking."
            Organized by the doorstep plastic intersection, let the Taizhou Plastic industry entrepreneurs not to a faraway place can be seen in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises "doorway".
            Taizhou Zhongtian Plastic Co., Ltd. is successive plastic Fair exhibitors, almost with plastic intersection synchronous growth enterprise has entered the period of rapid growth, from the production of the most simple washbasin, now has two major brands, more than 350 kinds of plastic products and more than 30 items of national patent products, the company chairman Chen Aihua with deep feeling, plastic intersection of the development of enterprise credit.
            Where innovation is plastic rendezvous spot, is also the Taizhou plastic industry Mingmen department. Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. General Manager Yu Miao introduction, starting in 2001, the previous plastic trade fair will be held in the plastic industry development seminar. Seminar closely linked to the forefront of the development of the industry, from the aspects of policy, science and technology, etc. feel the pulse of the national plastics industry oriented and aimed at the plastic rendezvous and Taizhou Plastic industry towards high-end industry.
            It is understood that in the upcoming tenth session of the plastic trade fair, will also open up the countrys first exhibition in the form of "recycled plastic exhibition"". The industry is expected that the recycling of waste plastics will no doubt become a hot topic of this exhibition.
            Radiation effects boost industry to the world
            Let Taizhou plastic to the world, is the plastic intersection has been the direction of effort. In the upcoming tenth session of the plastic trade fair, from overseas buyers will be more than 30 countries.
            Exhibition organizers introduced, in addition to Spain Walunduo will continue to organize a delegation, nearly 10 countries like Korea, Thailand and India in the plastics industry and will organize a delegation in the current plastic intersection. Yu Miao said: "in the past, foreign procurement mainly in Guangzhou, now more and more to Taizhou to. Since the opening of the plastic trade fair, the annual exhibition will have thousands of thousands of overseas procurement group participants procurement."
            It is expected that this will be held during the current plastic trade fair, the twentieth Asia plastics forum". In addition to 12 members abroad, but also invited the United States, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions of the plastics industry association to participate. Yu Miao believes that the Forum on the development trend of the worlds plastics industry and international trade to the high-end interpretation, for the development of the international thinking of Taizhou plastic industry, will play a powerful role in promoting.
            In fact, the international awareness of Taizhou plastics industry, along with the holding of the plastic trade fair is increasing, Taizhou
          • More than 60 buyers gathered in Taizhou International Plastic City
            "In Taizhou, its like a sea of plastic products, where there is no thing you cant find." Yesterday, from the Taiwan Yiwu chamber of Commerce, the South Korean Chamber of Commerce and trade procurement delegation of more than 60 people in Taizhou International Plastics City investigation and procurement, there are merchants issued such a surprise.
            "What is the height of the plastic bench?" "This is how much the price of plastic cup?"...... No plastic city staff, buyers wait to find separately target. Zhang from Taiwan sigh, plastic city, whether it is on the overall scale, or in the number of products, quality is far more than his imagination. Many of the products in the Yiwu market are not here can be found, and the price is cheaper than in Yiwu. "Some products have been able to compare the quality of Europe and the United States, Japans products, but the price is much more affordable." South Koreas Mr. Lee told reporters with blunt Putonghua, he will come here to buy plastic products, and will introduce the Taizhou international plastic city to more Korean friends.
            The arrival of the procurement group, the most happy or plastic city operating households. "Every year at this time is the low season plastic products, the market organized by the procurement business to come to inspect, to bring us a lot of business opportunities, the off-season into the season." Plastic on the second floor of the city engaged in plastic broom shop owner told reporters that he has several favorable in South Korea exchanged business cards, the purchaser took them a few sets of samples.
            "Invited the Taiwan Yiwu chamber of Commerce, the South Korean Chamber of Commerce to market research procurement is an important step in the implementation of the strategy of Taizhou international plastic city. Taizhou is the hometown of Chinese plastic products, Yiwu currently on the market sales of the majority of plastic products are mainly produced in Taizhou." Taizhou Cai Weijun International Plastics City general manager said that by inviting buyers come to visit, let them experience the development of Taizhou Plastic industry, to form a "buy plastic products Taizhou International Plastics City" concept to the purchaser. Cai Weijun said that they will continue to invite the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Middle East Chamber of Commerce, the India chamber of Commerce and other chamber of Commerce to the market, to enhance the international influence of Taizhou plastics industry.